In a Harvard Business Review article, Professor of Management Luis Gomez-Mejia and his research team reported on the impact of anxiety on decision-making.

When good leaders leave for new opportunities, they might walk out the door with more than best wishes and the last slices of farewell cake. Some subordinates might follow the leader to his or her new venture. How can companies prevent one leader’s departure from turning into a full-fledged flight?

When new employees come on board, the boss wants them to identify with co-workers so they form a strong team. But new research by Professor of Management Blake Ashforth has found that personal identification in the office isn’t always positive, especially if the team includes an office bully.

Research on goal setting and pay for performance can inspire not only higher performance, but higher malfeasance. And thinking “outside of the box” can cause trouble when misapplied. Even the smallest moral transgressions can evolve into problems of significant size.

Fantasy sports are here to stay, but key decisions in the next year or two likely will bring taxation and government regulation to the booming industry. That was the consensus of a panel on the future of fantasy sports at the 2016 ASU Sports Symposium.