Managing IT

Research by Professor of Information Systems Sang-Pil Han provides a model for mobile application analytics that helps media buyers know how much and where to spend for optimal ad return on investment.

On the job, most of us have met a night owl or two, the kind of people who are still shooting out emails at midnight and get their best work done after everyone else has gone to sleep. Likewise, we’ve all met the chipper morning bird who dives into a tidy to-do list long before the morning rush hour starts. According to Associate Professor Pei-yu Chen, psychologists have found that people perform tasks more competently when they tackle them during their preferred time of day.

As the year comes to an end, we recognize computer information systems professionals, professors, and students for their success in business, contributions to others, and hard work.

In the high-tech sector, the hunt for startup companies to purchase is intense. The challenge is how to find these new businesses. To help make finding these startups easier and give analysts a competitive edge, a W. P. Carey professor developed a data-mining tool.

Before you spend your hard-earned cash on a restaurant dinner, you want to make sure it’ll be worth it, and online reviews have become a big part of deciding where to eat.