Managing IT

In the context of the central theme of the annual Workshop on Information Technology and Systems — to which I have the privilege of being the program co-chair this year — I want to share my thoughts on how academics and industry are reassessing the future role of intelligence.

In a market of Big Data, Big Data centers, and big costs, W. P. Carey alumnus Clint Poole's innovative DataStation — a scalable, quickly deployable modular data center that can connect directly to the grid for power — may make a big impact on the industry.

ASU Information Systems Department researchers find ride-sharing service saves travel time and gas.

Think again if you believe that those complex, eight-characters-or-more, upper case, lower case and special character-filled passwords you require do a great job of protecting your corporate IT systems. In reality, those passwords are only as good as an employee’s willingness to use them and keep them private.

The increase of on-demand work has created the necessity for websites tailored to connect freelancers with employment. Information Systems professor Kevin Hong's research shows that the current model for advertising potential jobs can be better designed to increase employment.