Managing IT

Professor Bin Gu knew that social media would change business and society 20 years ago – 10 years before most businesses caught on. He began studying the technology and its impacts in 1996 when Amazon decided to allow customers to post product reviews and comments online. His work continues to probe the implications.

With improperly licensed software costing producers some $63 billion a year what can companies do to get paid for their products? W. P. Carey researchers found strong interplay between piracy controls, product extensions and consumer willingness to pay — for software and piracy.

What stops browsers from becoming buyers online? Product uncertainty could be the culprit. But, technology-enabled tools, such as collaborative forums or photos and other visualization media mitigate product uncertainty, according to research conducted by Kevin Hong, assistant professor of information systems. These tools also reduce profit-cutting returns, Hong’s research found.

Need a temp worker? Consider online labor markets, where you auction off your work to eager freelancers. If you go that route, make sure people can see each other’s bids via the open-bid option. It will bring you fewer people but a better deal in the long run.

Using data collected about bikes stolen on campus, students in the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS-BA) program created a map for ASU Police showing where to patrol — on what days and what specific times — to prevent thefts.