Managing IT

The market for mobile apps has become saturated, but Forbes reports that success is still possible, according to research by information systems Professor Raghu Santanam and doctoral candidate Gun Woong Lee.

Trying to cover every contingency in a contract for long-term business process outsourcing is a challenge for CIOs, but research by Rob Hornyak, an assistant professor of information systems, shows that there are relationship mechanisms that can stand in for contract specificity in delivering BPO alliances with strong client satisfaction.

What stops browsers from becoming buyers online? Product uncertainty could be the culprit. But, technology-enabled tools, such as collaborative forums or photos and other visualization media mitigate product uncertainty, according to research conducted by Kevin Hong, assistant professor of information systems. These tools also reduce profit-cutting returns, Hong’s research found.

Last year’s botched roll out of the federal government’s Affordable Care Act website focused a spotlight on the public sector CIO. Those who believe government should be run like a business might conclude that a “rock star” CIO from the private sector would have done it better. But, research shows that’s probably not the case.

Department of Information Systems Chairman Michal Goul provides insight into future program rankings.