If you buy products that benefit society, it’s a good thing, right? Yes, and no. That is, people don’t necessarily see it that way.

Online retailers have an opportunity to persuade hesitant shoppers to click "buy" this holiday season, according to new research by a marketing professor.

While talk of religion and politics over Thanksgiving dinner may incite an argument, Black Friday ads may stir up a fight.

W. P. Carey researchers examine why shoppers become Black Friday brawlers, concluding that retailers should be more cautious in how they use 'scarcity ads,' and consumers should understand that psychologically, these effects can happen and you should control your own behavior.

Five stars, one star or something in between? Ratings you give a restaurant are likely affected by where you grew up, when you visited the eatery, and how far away that establishment is. What’s more, others look at how much emotion you express when evaluating the helpfulness of your critique.