Since the mid-1990s, a key feature of Walmart’s growth strategy has been the conversion of stores to "supercenters" — that is, a full-line discount store with a full-line supermarket under one roof. The strategy has been so effective that Walmart is now the largest grocery store in the world. Walmart is, in fact, the largest company in the world.

"The 2015 Customer Rage Study provides “a data-driven prescriptive framework for a Complaint Handling and Service Recovery Program that actually improves individual brand loyalty and improves word-of-mouth advertising.”

Fantasy sports are here to stay, but key decisions in the next year or two likely will bring taxation and government regulation to the booming industry. That was the consensus of a panel on the future of fantasy sports at the 2016 ASU Sports Symposium.

Transformative Services Research (TSR) is a new sub-field of services marketing that examines the relationship of service to well-being. Associate Marketing Professor Laurie Anderson and colleagues at W. P. Carey identified the field five years ago. Interest has been growing rapidly ever since.

The Huffington Post reports on research by Professors Naomi Mandel and Andrea Morales which found that negative messages about food did not help dieters make better choices.