Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Psychology Robert Cialdini spent his career learning the art of persuasion. His work will live on at ASU.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing Robert Cialdini's research can be used to positively guide our partners in an effort to strengthen our connection with one another.

In recognition of his outstanding achievements in original research, the psychology and marketing professor has been elected a member of one of the most distinguished scientific organizations in the country.

Research by Regents' Professor Emeritus Robert Cialdini has led to a new way of thinking about consumer behavior and a best-selling book — and now the marketing research lab has been named after him.

Think every little thing one person does for the environment can make a difference? Here’s what Regents' Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing Robert Cialdini says about the power of individuals to influence other people and businesses in the fight over climate change.