Masters degrees

Christon Valdivieso looks back on his time in the W. P. Carey Master of Science in Global Logistics (MS-GL) program with great fondness and pride. Although he already had several years of experience in the workforce, he had changed careers and decided he needed to develop the skills he needed to succeed.

Real estate development is one of the hottest jobs in the U.S., projecting 12 percent growth over the next 10 years. Emerging from the housing bubble and the subsequent recession, development is once again on the upswing.

A new cohort of the Online MSIM starts next week with on-campus orientation, and students in the Evening MSIM will begin August 20. When the students graduate, they will find plentiful career opportunities.

As a prospective student, there are lots of ways you can learn about what life is like in grad school. But the best way to really get a sense of what it’s like is by talking to current students, who are living the life and have more than likely faced the questions you have.


There are different kinds of business schools. Some foster a more competitive environment; the thinking is that it prepares you for the rough-and-tumble real world. There are some that have massive lecture courses with hundreds of students. There are b-schools that seem to believe just having their name attached to your LinkedIn profile is benefit enough. But that's not how we do things at the W. P. Carey School.