As a prospective student, there are lots of ways you can learn about what life is like in grad school. But the best way to really get a sense of what it’s like is by talking to current students, who are living the life and have more than likely faced the questions you have.


Though Dell may be best known for its consumer technology products, the company has evolved into a preferred end-to-end solutions provider for enterprises around the world. While many are familiar with the direct procurement process that ensures the right components are available to build its computers, an equally powerful global team led by Jana Kennedy is responsible for acquiring all the goods and services necessary to effectively operate Dell on a daily basis. 

A group of 15 supply chain students from the W. P. Carey Full-time MBA visited three companies in the Portland area — Daimler, Nike, and Columbia Sportswear. Because we have such a strong network of alumni, the Supply Chain Club was able to set up a day at each company through a recent W. P. Carey alum.

There are plenty of reasons to pursue your Executive MBA, and plenty of reasons to choose the W. P. Carey EMBA in particular. But rather than wax on about the ways in which we rule the b‑school world — we’ll let our students do the talking. Here are ten reasons to choose the W. P. Carey Executive MBA, courtesy of our alumni.

As a new member of ASU’s Sports Business Association (SBA), I was thrilled to connect and interact with others who share my passion of wanting to work in the sports industry. When word of SBA’s outreach trip came about I was definitely interested, and then even more so when I found out it was going to take place in New York City.