Who — or what — will take over your job? Will it be a contract worker or robot?

As the end of the first semester wraps up, students and faculty are getting ready for the holiday break. But first, we’re reporting the latest happenings in the Department of Information Systems — from conferences and holiday books to grants and goodbyes.

35 years ago, Joe Killalea had just graduated from the University of West Florida and was hired as an entry-level systems analyst by Exxon Company USA. Since 1980, his role has evolved from programmer to project manager within the ExxonMobil Information Technology (EMIT) organization.

Project management uses a series of processes to execute projects efficiently and effectively. Its benefits have recently become widely understood and its use has spread to all industries, with construction and IT being two of the primary drivers. Now, the Project Management Institute and the department of information systems are joining forces to be sure that the next generation of IT professionals will know how to manage projects to obtain maximum results.