Services Marketing

Amy Ostrom, chair of the Department of Marketing and PetSmart Chair in Services Leadership, has been appointed interim dean of the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU, effective Jan. 1, 2021. Ostrom succeeds Amy Hillman, who had served as the school’s dean since March 2013.

The online retailing experience is creating even higher expectations among consumers, which businesses must be ready to address.

Sick of getting the runaround when you have a billing or product problem? Learn how to get your issues solved quickly, according to findings from the Customer Rage Study.

Transformative Services Research (TSR) is a new sub-field of services marketing that examines the relationship of service to well-being. Associate Marketing Professor Laurie Anderson and colleagues at W. P. Carey identified the field five years ago. Interest has been growing rapidly ever since.

Building a brand for a services business is more complicated than ever. Customers might perceive one hotel chain or insurance company as pretty much the same as its competitors. Customers also are saturated with thousands of messages a day, and they’re relying less on traditional marketing and more on social media and word of mouth to discover and form relationships with a brand. How can services businesses simplify their customers’ experience in such a complex world and still stand out from the crowd?