Student Experience

Two W. P. Carey students have been recognized for their leadership and achievements by the ATHENA Valley of the Sun organization.

“The past informs the present.” While many people might expect to hear that reminder from a history professor or an elder, it is a less common adage in the business world. A W. P. Carey inclusive teaching workshop series is trying to change that.

The ASU Supply Chain Executive Consortium (SCEC) hosted the second annual Women in Supply Chain Symposium virtually on Thursday, Sept. 17. This year’s theme focused on “Courage and Resiliency in the Midst of Crisis,” and welcomed more than 200 participants.

The teaching and learning choices and safe health systems influencing the fall 2020 semester — and beyond.

300 sunny days await you as a student living in the Phoenix area. Outside of the notorious summers, it's a gorgeous place to live most of the year. The only downside to being in the Valley of the Sun between September and May is that business school is no walk in the park; as a W. P. Carey student, you really do have to study. The good news is you can immerse yourself in a thriving metropolis that doesn’t just center on campus life.