Student Experience

Three years and more than 300 new graduates into the evolution of the W. P. Carey Full-time MBA program, Dean Amy Hillman discusses what the school has learned, how to remain competitive in a crowded MBA environment, and what’s next for the program and the school.

Joining a student club can be a pivotal part of your graduate school experience. Whether you are looking to connect with like-minded individuals, network with industry leaders, or give back to the community, W. P. Carey has something for everyone!

Everyone talks about the importance of mentoring, especially when it comes to professional development. At the MBA level, most students are still looking upwards for mentors to help them climb the corporate ladder. But what if you also looked back and asked, “Who could I bring up with me?” or, “How could my experience help someone else?”

W. P. Carey is looking for Net Investors — students who want to engage with the MBA community and leave the program better off than they found it. Leading a club, mentoring students, and participating in curriculum focus groups are common ways that MBA students give back to W. P. Carey.