Student Experience

W. P. Carey provides the best career development resources for undergraduate business college students to help us earn our dream jobs. Here are some tips to to help you maximize the value of these resources and become a successful graduate.

Whether it was coaching kids on the basketball team, tutoring classmates, or being a friendly face to a new first-year student, helping others comes naturally to this triple major, new alumnus.

As the second half of school continues, movers and shakers in IT are bringing home prominent awards, and there are many exciting opportunities to grow and excel.

MBA programs all offer a chance to learn more, specialize in a field of interest, and look great on your resume. But in much the same way that full-time, part-time, and online programs all cater to professionals based on where they are in their careers and lives, EMBA programs offer a distinct experience for a very specific audience.

A year of research and hard work has culminated with first-year research paper presentations for three PhD students in the W. P. Carey Department of Information Systems. The research reports provide an in-depth look at everyday items and how they’ve significantly affected people, businesses, and processes.