Student Experience

As a new member of ASU’s Sports Business Association (SBA), I was thrilled to connect and interact with others who share my passion of wanting to work in the sports industry. When word of SBA’s outreach trip came about I was definitely interested, and then even more so when I found out it was going to take place in New York City.

As a W. P. Carey Full-time MBA student, you get the chance to attend a number of great conferences. In late September, I had the opportunity to fly to Philadelphia for the National Society for Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) conference. If you have ever been to a career fair, it wasn't much different from that except in terms of the scale.

"Since joining Microsemi Corp. I have worked as the lead mechanical engineer on several power supply programs for advanced satellite and flight-critical aviation systems,” explains Ian Wilson. "Now with a supporting role in business development, I need the tools to properly determine, quantify, and explain the prospects worth pursuing."

With one semester down and three to go, W. P. Carey Executive MBA student Canden Baker is more than satisfied with her experience in the program thus far. She has been able to balance school with her work and family life, due in large part to the high-touch, personalized services afforded to her by the W. P. Carey School of Business.

Finance, accounting, and tax have a longstanding legacy in businesses of all shapes and sizes, but it’s no secret the business world is changing. &nbsp;According to the <em>Journal of Accountancy</em></a>, businesses are looking to finance and related functions to help navigate these new changes and complexity. And while this puts them in an “enviable position of influence […] increased skills are needed to meet additional responsibilities.”