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The b-school application process has several components. And while you can complete the majority of the application on your own, the letters of recommendation require a bit more time and consideration. These letters are a key opportunity to distinguish yourself from other candidates, so make sure to get the ball rolling as early as possible in the application process.

Trevor Thompson sheds light on two common misconceptions about studying abroad, after spending the summer in Europe.

This spring Microsoft Technical Evangelist Randy Guthrie and a colleague helped the 900-odd students in Matthew McCarthy’s Computer Information Systems 105 class build apps and load them into the Windows 8 store. CIS 105 is designed to introduce first-year students to the basic information technology knowledge they will need no matter what major they choose. The Microsoft apps project definitely turned some heads, and those students are taking a closer look at the CIS major, but it gave all students something immediately valuable. On their resumes they can now say they developed and marketed an app: in other words, they started businesses.

Online education comes in many shapes and forms and considering the time and money that goes into an MBA, you need to make sure you're investing in the right one. Here are some important questions you’ll want to consider before deciding where to get your online MBA.

When you apply for MBA programs, it's important to establish a plan of action. The application pool is highly competitive, completing the admissions process takes some time, and for many MBA hopefuls, there is a GMAT or GRE test in the immediate future. So the earlier you start putting a plan together, the better that plan will be and the better your odds at getting into a program will be.