Student Experience

Graduation season opens up opportunities to spotlight some of the accomplishments of Department of Information Systems faculty and students. Our feature photo, right, is a group of students, with faculty advisor Daniel Mazzola, at the Spring Avnet Tech Games. This month's news also includes a glimpse of graduation, including a group shot of the first class of our Online MSIM to complete the program.

Among the many differences between college and career is the simple matter of neatness. In class the questions and answers are usually straight forward, but on the job it’s a different situation. Things can get messy, and that’s one of the big lessons students learn during the capstone project, a requirement of Computer Information Systems majors.

For many MBA students, getting away from the classroom and connecting with fellow students is one of the biggest takeaways from the program. Find out more about how a student club is building bonds and a feeling of togetherness.

Concurrent degrees are a great option for many students, because they require less time and fewer credits than pursuing those same degrees separately, which in turn makes earn both degrees less expensive. But they can also arm you with more and better skills that can give you a significant career advantage. 

The department welcomed 467 computer information systems undergraduates when classes started just a couple weeks ago — 120 are seniors. The CIS curriculum challenges these students, but they also find time for our professional organizations. The leadership of these groups work hard in late spring and summer to be sure they are ready to rock as soon as their classmates return to campus. Club activities augment what students learn in the classroom and help them with career planning.