Student Experience

Concurrent degrees are a great option for many students, because they require less time and fewer credits than pursuing those same degrees separately, which in turn makes earn both degrees less expensive. But they can also arm you with more and better skills that can give you a significant career advantage. 

The department welcomed 467 computer information systems undergraduates when classes started just a couple weeks ago — 120 are seniors. The CIS curriculum challenges these students, but they also find time for our professional organizations. The leadership of these groups work hard in late spring and summer to be sure they are ready to rock as soon as their classmates return to campus. Club activities augment what students learn in the classroom and help them with career planning.

The whole point of getting your MBA is to further your career. So it's important to look for a b‑school that offers the flexibility you need to get ahead, and an MBA program that aligns with your short- and long-term career goals.

Companies are increasingly looking for the depth of expertise that students acquire in specialty masters programs like the Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM). In Part 2 of KnowIT’s tour of the MSIM curriculum we interviewed professors Robert St. Louis and Haluk Demirkan about what students learn about databases, IT services, and project management.

The W. P. Carey convocation was last week, and CIS was represented by the department's Outstanding Graduating Senior, Joshua McCoy, who carried our banner. In the weeks leading up to this happy event, the academic community focuses intensely on pulling the threads together. At the same time, the place is abuzz with special events and recognition ceremonies. Today we bring you a sample of the fun — and the success.