Supply Chain

Contaminated or damaged goods get taken off the shelves and reported to the public almost every day. Here's a short breakdown of the costs and complexities, and quality and safety measures of this system.

Faculty from ASU’s School of Sustainability and the Department of Supply Chain Management will provide instruction and real-life insights on organizational opportunities that accompany global challenges. Bruno Sarda, vice president of sustainability at NRG will join them in training students for the Professional Certificate in Sustainability Strategy.

W. P. Carey Professor of Supply Chain Management Dale Rogers says retail event plays important role in U.S. economy, though it's not actually the biggest shopping day in the world anymore.

New research shows how retailers can better manage short promotions, and compete with the likes of Amazon, even when they are smaller and may not have access to cutting-edge predictive analytics.

New research shows that investing in mechanisms to align physician incentives with medical facility incentives saves money.