Supply Chain

Thirty-some years ago, unwanted or unsold products often ended their all-too-brief lives by being dumped in landfills. Today they are the basis of what professor of supply chain management Dale Rogers calls a growing slice of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product: secondary markets.

2014 was an important year for the Department of Supply Chain Management. Read about the people, programs and research that makes it a top-ranked program.

After nearly three decades, CAPS Research remains the go-to source for supply chain management research and benchmarking, examining the current issues that affect industry. This year CAPS has a new leadership team dedicated to accelerating the center’s responsiveness to business needs.

Though Dell may be best known for its consumer technology products, the company has evolved into a preferred end-to-end solutions provider for enterprises around the world. While many are familiar with the direct procurement process that ensures the right components are available to build its computers, an equally powerful global team led by Jana Kennedy is responsible for acquiring all the goods and services necessary to effectively operate Dell on a daily basis. 

Every year, an off-campus trip provides students in the W. P. Carey Master of Science in Global Logistics (MS‑GL) program with an exclusive look at global logistics infrastructure. It's an invaluable opportunity for students to explore their field — in the field — while adding real-world context to concepts learned in class.