Supply Chain

Do you remember “You’ve Got Mail”? In the 1998 hit movie, the Internet enables romance to flower between Tom Hanks, who played a big box bookstore owner, and Meg Ryan, an independent bookstore owner. Ironically, that same Internet has now clobbered big box bookstores.

Bioscientists, technologists and health care experts talked about current health care challenges and the opportunities to redefine and resolve them at the 2015 Symposium on Innovation in the Health Sector, hosted by the W. P. Carey School’s Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium.

Brent James, chief quality officer and executive director at the Intermountain Institute for Healthcare Leadership, gives of examples of how to deliver better health care, cheaper at the 2015 Mark McKenna Health Care Management Lecture, hosted by the Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium.

The recent surge of migrants from the war-torn North African coast and the devastating earthquake in Nepal has focused international attention on the needs of refugees and disaster victims. The W. P. Carey School’s Mahyar Eftekhar is helping charities deliver aid more effectively through his research into humanitarian logistics.

Thirty-some years ago, unwanted or unsold products often ended their all-too-brief lives by being dumped in landfills. Today they are the basis of what professor of supply chain management Dale Rogers calls a growing slice of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product: secondary markets.