Undergraduate degrees

Here are five tips to help W. P. Carey students achieve academic success today, so you can shape the future you want tomorrow.

Most students know the importance of creating a marketable resume. However, have you thought about your LinkedIn account? Here are a five tips to help you build a great LinkedIn profile as a college student, brought to you by W. P. Carey Career Services.

If you are an honors student at ASU, you might have heard of HON 394: Deductive Logic, Leadership/Management Techniques.This class will make you think, share your own values and opinion on different things about life, learn something new, and see things from a different perspective.

American students and international students alike can visit the Global Education Center to learn other languages and about diverse cultures, play games, and build strong bonds and relationships with other ASU students.
There are more than 45 business clubs and organizations at the W. P. Carey School. After joining and becoming a part of two executive boards for different clubs, Maddie Hayes wants to ensure all W. P. Carey students understand the value of getting involved.