Vishal Nanda speaks from experience when comparing the W. P. Carey Executive MBA with other highly regarded programs. Having also spent time at a top-ranked East Coast business school before relocating, Vishal believes his return on investment at the W. P. Carey School can’t be measured on a spreadsheet alone.

Reporting on Arizona's new employer sanctions law, a recent New York Times story commented that "As [the state] exacts its punishment on the undocumented workers who have made it so prosperous, it runs the risk of proving itself tough but not smart." The Knowledge@W. P. Carey video team was present at the recent forum, "Immigration: Confronting the Challenges in Arizona," which examined this law and other immigration issues. In these video interviews, economists, policy analysts and academic researchers assess the costs and benefits of immigration, and what kind of system to use to enable immigrants to work legally in the U.S.