Where business is personal

W. P. Carey is looking for Net Investors — students who want to engage with the MBA community and leave the program better off than they found it. Leading a club, mentoring students, and participating in curriculum focus groups are common ways that MBA students give back to W. P. Carey.
Ask any student in McCord Hall what has made their experience at W. P. Carey unique and I bet they will say “the people." That’s because at W. P. Carey, business is personal. Small classes, a dedicated student services team, and a culture of feedback and co-creation foster an environment where every student can thrive.

Ultimately, very few people pursue an MBA to stand firm in the field, company, or role in which they currently serve. By giving you a broad overview of primary business functions, a deeper level of understanding than a bachelor's degree in business, and the chance to focus your skills in one or more areas of business, an MBA helps you create new pathways for yourself that can help shape your entire career.

An MBA gives you instant credibility within your organization and on your resume. It indicates that you have expertise and a broad working knowledge of many business functions, giving you a leg up on other candidates who lack that level of experience. There are three primary ways to earn your MBA — in a full-time on-campus program, online, or part-time.

Although the hiring market for MBA graduates has improved over the past several years to pre-recession levels, the outlook is stronger than it has been since before the recession, according to the GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey.