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Arizona State University has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative universities in the U.S. One reflection of ASU's innovation has been a groundbreaking Full-time MBA curriculum within the W. P. Carey School of Business. 

W. P. Carey EMBA students got a rare look behind the curtain at one of the most forward-thinking companies around, Zappos. "The most interesting aspect about our visit to me was that even after 17 years of operation they still have the charge of a start-up," says EMBA student Brian Long. "They are constantly pushing disruption and innovation."

An MBA program deepens your knowledge, builds new skills, and makes you a more effective leader. But there are things you can’t learn in a classroom, development that could help you go a long way in your career that you may not have access to over a two-year program.That’s why the W. P. Carey School developed Executive Connections.