Why W. P. Carey

Very few people are natural born leaders. But with so many opportunities around you, it’s easy to find the leader in you at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business.

At one point or another, a lot of us would have really appreciated it if we had a fellow student, probably older, to guide us through all of the different parts of the college learning curve. That's where W. P. Carey mentorship programs come in.

American students and international students alike can visit the Global Education Center to learn other languages and about diverse cultures, play games, and build strong bonds and relationships with other ASU students.
As an incoming business student, you might have questions about what Camp Carey is, and why going to camp is so important. Looking back on her first year, Maddie Hayes had no idea what to expect when she went to camp — and it turned out to be one of her best college experiences.

As hospitals and other health care providers strive to cut costs while still giving good patient care, they are hiring an increasing number of MBAs. "There is a whole new set of roles in health care for MBAs, especially those with some clinical understanding," says Eugene Schneller, a professor in the W. P. Carey's School of Health Management and Policy. The morphing MBA job market was examined at a recent conference sponsored by the Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium at the W. P. Carey School of Business.