Grocery costs are seeing historic highs, what's driving the prices higher?

Most of the inflation we're seeing is because of supply chain issues, according to an ASU supply chain expert. Additionally, taxes, the Ukraine-Russia war, labor shortages, and the high cost of fuel are making matters worse.

Valley families still left scrambling to find baby formula

An ASU supply chain expert explains there are four players that control close to 90% of the baby formula market. If any of them have a recall or other issue, 40% of the market gets affected. Until the shortage is resolved, he recommends not hoarding.

Supply chains: Why sustainability is the best form of risk management

An ASU supply chain expert talks to GARP about how managing the sustainability of your supply chain is the best approach to risk management.

The overlooked factor that’s keeping supply chains screwy

There is no single thing to blame for global supply chain issues. The COVID-19 pandemic, labor shortages, and lack of shipping materials are a few challenges that have been slowing products and services from supplier to customer over the past two years.

Gas prices hit record high in Phoenix

Gas prices will continue to rise, ASU supply expert says, because supply chain issues that existed before the Ukraine conflict still aren’t fixed. And the addition of fighting in Eastern Europe creates additional logistics issues.

Expert expects supply chain issues to continue into 2023

As of January 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index had products such as meat, poultry, and eggs up 12% since the previous year.

Tips to save on higher than usual heating bill during Arizona cold front

An ASU supply chain expert doesn't believe the Russia-Ukraine war will impact natural gas because of the United States' self-reliance.

The true cost of free returns

Groceries, phone accessories, yard equipment, curling irons — we buy everything online nowadays. And we return a lot of it as well. Retailers took back $100 billion in items in 2021. An ASU supply chain expert breaks down the consequences on the environment.

University students flock to supply chain majors

An ASU supply chain expert teaches his students that the supply chain is kind of like personal health.

Our food pantries need an update. Here's how we can modernize them

While nonprofit Forks for Families was a success, it was also a learning experience — one that offers a playbook for how other food assistance programs can update their distribution systems and make their meals more accessible to today’s working families.