Arizona economy could be hit hard by freight rail strike, experts say

Arizona economy, agriculture plays a very, very vital role. And railroad plays a very vital role in supporting agriculture, says an ASU supply chain expert.

Inflation Reduction Act impact on Phoenix: Will it actually help struggling households?

An ASU supply chain expert says the act does a lot of good things, but it shouldn't have been called the Inflation Reduction Act because it's not necessarily what it really is.

Could AI fix medical supply chain woes?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the medical supply chain is a hot topic. But is AI just wishful thinking, or can it fix supply chain woes — especially those that emerged during the pandemic?

Retailers struggle under load of unsold inventory

Earlier in the pandemic, stores grappled with shortages. But as supply chains bulked up, they now have the opposite problem. And consumers' frequently shifting demands aren't helping.

Retailers start selling something new: Logistics services

American Eagle Outfitters and Gap want other merchants to use their supply chains, raising questions about control, competition, and data privacy.

Logistics Managers Index seeks upward trend after slump in early July

The beginning of July saw cooling in the logistics components that make up the Logistics Managers Index (LMI), a survey of those in charge of the supply chain for their organization. The index provides leading economic indicators to help economists access and predict economic changes.

A renaissance for ‘Made in America’?

Supply chain issues have more companies looking at manufacturing in the U.S. An ASU supply chain expert agrees that Mexico is a good alternative location for U.S. companies exiting China. However, a targeted approach to reshoring is important.

Senate Democrats pass budget package, a victory for Biden

An ASU supply chain management expert spoke on the climate reform impact that the Inflation Reduction Act will have not just on Arizona but on the U.S.

Baby formula shortage will last into the fall

An ASU supply chain expert says brands are still 30% out of stock, so it won't be until the end of summer when the shortage will end.

Products on the shelves getting smaller? You can blame 'shrinkflation'

CNN Business Correspondent Alison Kosik talked to an ASU supply chain expert to learn how manufacturers make small changes to products but keep costs the same. Known as 'shrinkflation,' it happens when companies are trying to compensate for the higher prices due to inflation.