U.S. Latinos' economic output closing in on Germany

ASU expert says inability to access quality education leads to poverty, preventing Latino GDP growth.

2023 Cactus League: The economic impact

An ASU study finds that out-of-state Cactus League fans generated millions for Arizona's economy.

Cost for Phoenix to sponsor NCAA Final Four? Half a million

An ASU research study investigates the 2017 NCAA Final Four games' impact on the Valley's economy.

Cactus League generates big numbers for Arizona’s economy

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Spring training season brought $418 million to state's economy in 2023

An ASU research study shows the Cactus League's impact on the Arizona economy.

Cactus League 2023 economic impact numbers surge in Arizona

An ASU study found that Cactus League visitors created 5,893 jobs, paying over $271 million in salaries this spring.

Historic National Customer Rage Survey

Record level of product and service problems incite surly customers to yell more and seek revenge for their hassles

As customer problems hit a record high, more people seek 'revenge'

The latest ASU 'customer rage' survey shows consumers are increasingly encountering problems.

Fruitful foibles

Revealing minor flaws helps leaders project authenticity, according to new research by information systems expert.

Seeking reviews from online buyers? Ask later

Research from an information systems expert shows patience is a virtue in online reviews.