Historic National Customer Rage Survey

Record level of product and service problems incite surly customers to yell more and seek revenge for their hassles

As customer problems hit a record high, more people seek 'revenge'

The latest ASU 'customer rage' survey shows consumers are increasingly encountering problems.

Fruitful foibles

Revealing minor flaws helps leaders project authenticity, according to new research by information systems expert.

Seeking reviews from online buyers? Ask later

Research from an information systems expert shows patience is a virtue in online reviews.

Spring training returns to the Valley for another season

The 2018 season had a total economic impact of $644.2 million on the region, according to ASU researchers.

The Super Bowl doesn’t always produce super-sized revenues for local taxpayers

Research shows the 2015 Super Bowl in Phoenix had immediate and long-term effects on the state's economy.

Super Bowl LVII is set to bring in $600 million for Arizona, blowing away most of the previous hosts

Research from ASU and others reveals how much revenue cities can get for hosting America's biggest game.

The economic muscle of the Super Bowl can be seen in Phoenix

The region will see a 'significant benefit' in the long term, says an ASU economist.

ASU study reports 2022 WM Phoenix Open injected over $450M into Arizona's economy

The study also reported an annual employment impact of more than 4,000 jobs.

Four MLB greats elected to Cactus League Hall of Fame

ASU researchers assess the local economic impact of Cactus League baseball.