Department of Economics launches short paper competition

Effort encourages exploration of economics program and current events in the industry.

Phoenix among top in nation for soaring costs

Even though inflation has driven prices up, an ASU economist says there is some good news.

Economists' Roundtable

Economist Dennis Hoffman and real estate expert Mark Stapp review 2022's economic highlights and make predictions for 2023.

Phoenix led the nation in inflation in 2022, but rise may slow in 2023

Economist Dennis Hoffman and real estate expert Mark Stapp discuss factors impacting local inflation in the new year.

The real reason for the decrease in inflation

W. P. Carey Supply Chain Professor Dale Rogers explains how actions of the Federal Reserve, fuel costs, and zero-COVID policy are impacting inflation.

Meet the man on a mission to expose sneaky price increases

An authority on 'shrinkflation' has influenced the work of an ASU supply chain expert and others.

Arizona motorists getting raw end of high gas prices

While gas prices are high, an ASU supply chain expert explains why station owners aren't profiting greatly from fuel sales.

Inflation report: Better-than-expected report shows inflation is easing

An ASU economist discusses the latest inflation report and its local and national implications.

Team up or team down? How to deploy expertise in business teams

Innovative companies tend to concentrate talented employees in teams rather than spreading expertise across the organization. Research from ASU experts examines the implications of creating 'star teams' from groups of experts.

'Know thyself' is the first step to successful knowledge management

Knowledge Management (KM) systems have provided companies with a tool that allows them to collect and provide access to the collective expertise of their employees. The appeal is obvious: Sharing experiences and lessons leads to efficiency and innovation.