Winners of the Economics Short Paper Competition announced

Students competed to win up to $300 and have their work published.

Experts: Arizona economy could be hit hard if default is in our stars

ASU expert says U.S. default on debt is possible but unlikely.

Test your knowledge of the economy

Guests at the Annual Economic Outlook luncheon, sponsored by the Economic Club of Phoenix, answered a set of questions about what's driving the local and national economy.

Tempe-Coyotes deal to bring major economic gains, massive tax revenue for city, ASU study says

An ASU economist provides details of his team's independent analysis of an earlier economic report.

ASU economists share what's in store for next year at Annual Economic Outlook

Top experts will answer questions about the state and national economy at the May 2 luncheon.

Houston’s Final Four success foreshadows potential economic boost for Arizona in 2024

An ASU clinical economics professor believes the economic impact might not be all that it’s cracked up to be, at least from locals.

Arizona’s ‘super season’ gives state financial shot of adrenaline

At the beginning of 2023, the Valley welcomed sports fans and tourists, bringing a flood of money from Super Bowl 57, spring training, and the WM Open. An ASU economist says the weather helped.

As questions surround Tempe entertainment district, studies predict impact ahead of May vote

An ASU study shows the district could have a significant economic impact on Tempe.

Houston’s Final Four success foreshadows potential economic boost for Arizona in 2024

The region saw a $324.5 million impact from 2017's Final Four, according to an ASU study.

Q&A: Sprouts CEO Jack Sinclair talks less fresh and leadership lessons

Sinclair, who becomes the 40th annual Executive of the Year chosen by the W. P. Carey Dean’s Council, was honored at a luncheon and answered audience questions after his keynote presentation.