What's fueling Arizona's high gas prices?

Dennis Hoffman, director of the L. William Seidman Research Institute and director of ASU’s Office of the University Economist, shares why our state is one of the most expensive spots in the country to buy gas.

How relocating Americans created new inflation hot spots

Phoenix is one of the inflation hot spots that has seen an influx of new residents.

Inflation in Phoenix is highest in US: Here's how much extra you're paying for groceries, gas, and more

Being No. 1 is typically a good thing, but not when it comes to food, housing, transportation, and gas. Metro Phoenix has led all large cities in inflation since February.

Inflation in metro Phoenix rises again; region stays No. 1 for highest rate in the country

The fuel-price spike was exacerbated by declines in private energy investments in recent years, including fuel-distribution networks in the West, explains Dennis Hoffman, director of ASU’s Office of the University Economist.

As inflation hits 8.5% nationally, it's even higher in Arizona. Here's what to know

How high is inflation in Arizona? Who, or what is to blame for it? An ASU economist answers, citing sharp housing price hikes around metro Phoenix and high gasoline prices.

U.S. inflation rose at fastest rate in 40 years, Valley grew even faster

The last time inflation was this high was in 1981, and the solution then was a severe tightening of credit that tipped the economy into recession, according to an ASU economist.

Phoenix suffers from population growth and a highest-in-the-nation inflation rate

CNBC’s Valerie Castro interviews an ASU economist about Phoenix, which is struggling with population growth and the highest inflation rate in the nation.

When driving up debt makes sense

What 'Great Resignation?' A visiting fellow at the Federal Reserve of San Francisco and a professor of economics at ASU shares his thoughts on the economy in relation to what's also known as the 'Big Quit' and the 'Great Reshuffle,' an ongoing economic trend in which employees have voluntarily re

Lowering gas prices: President Biden releases 180M barrels of oil from strategic reserve

One ASU economist calls it a good start, but a temporary fix.

ASU economists on inflation, employment, and the housing market at Economic Outlook

One of the longest-running, most in-demand forecast events in Arizona live on Zoom May 4.