Peer tutoring program makes a difference for ASU economics students

The W. P. Carey School of Business is proud to recognize the Undergraduate Economics Instructional Scholars (UEIS) for Spring 2023 — current student leaders who are selected to serve as tutors for 300-level and 400-level economics courses.

Millennial Money: What makes a Black Friday deal worth it?

An ASU finance expert offers advice to make the most of Black Friday deals.

Edward Prescott, Nobel Prize winning economist, dies at 81

Prescott was one of the most influential economists in the world. As a professor and the W. P. Carey Chair in Economics at ASU, he was a beloved and respected member of the business school community for 20 years.

2023 outlook from ASU and national economists

Speakers from across the country and region share what’s in store for the year ahead at the 59th annual ASU/PNC Bank Economic Forecast Luncheon.

New Kari Lake ad promises to cut taxes for Arizonans

However, ASU economist Dennis Hoffman told 12 News that to curb inflation, there need to be more products to buy while people can spend less. So, Lake’s plan to give people more money through tax cuts could increase spending and make inflation rise.

Halloween costs are rising. Will that frighten away haunt fans?

Although the country’s economic future seems uncertain, many middle- and upper-middle-class Americans have built up a stash of savings over the past year or two from stimulus checks and other outside funds and are ready to spend those reserves, according to an ASU economist.

Arizona gas prices are up 20 cents in a week. Experts explain why

According to AAA, gas prices are an average of $4.48 in Maricopa County.

Inflation in metro Phoenix is double that of cities like San Francisco and New York. Here's why

An ASU economist says the Consumer Price Index around the Valley rose at a 13% pace over the 12 months through August, compared to U.S. inflation of 8.3%.

Gas prices are falling across the country, but not in Arizona. Here's why

According to AAA data, gas prices in Arizona are up nearly 90 cents from a year ago. An ASU economist says it’ll take time to see prices back to something ‘more normal.'

Student loan forgiveness to benefit 43 million Americans

An ASU economist weighs in on how student loan relief will affect the economy.