Home sellers win $1.8 billion lawsuit after conspiracy among realtors

An ASU expert discusses the lawsuit's impact on the U.S. real estate industry.

Realtors group, ASU form mentoring partnership

ASU expert says ASU/AAR Education Partnership exposes students to viable careers in real estate.

Some Arizona real estate pros say growth won’t stop just because of water restrictions

Groundwater scarcity is most pronounced around outskirts of the Phoenix suburban area, ASU expert says.

An ASU partnership attempts to increase diversity in the real estate industry

Inequities go beyond who can buy or rent a home. There is also a lack of diversity in who works in the real estate industry. It's something Murphy Cheatham (MRED ’07) has experienced firsthand. He's hoping to change this with help from ASU.

What the interest rate hike means for homebuyers

A difficult year for many homebuyers became even tougher when the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 0.75% on Wednesday. ABC News reached out to Mark Stapp, the Fred E.

Confused about the metaverse property boom? We've got you covered

An ASU real estate expert says there's no sense in hurrying to purchase and decorate a virtual home.

GSU, ASU officials discuss real estate program partnership

Grambling State University and Arizona State University recently teamed up for an information session on real estate classes taken through ASU that are credited to GSU student transcripts.

Exchange: Large rent increases squeeze metro Phoenix tenants

According to the Federal Reserve, Metro Phoenix median household income climbed 22% during 2016 and 2021, but the area's rents climbed almost 80% between that time, per real estate brokerage Colliers.

Rents could hike another 20% as Valley deals with housing crunch

With incomes not increasing at the same rate as rent, tenants are in a difficult situation. An ASU real estate expert says they have to make tradeoffs.

Making the jump to homeownership from renting can be a daunting decision, not always the best one

An ASU real estate expert warns against having "unrealistic expectations." He says buyers need to understand the limits of their budget.