The value of a world-renowned degree

Figuring out if you should go back to school is a difficult decision, and finding the right school can be just as difficult. Just Google the name of a degree that interests you — there are hundreds of options out there! A school’s reputation can be a primary concern for graduate students when choosing a school to attend, so how can you find the right school for you?

Did You Know...

Why does this matter? The market for professionals who can bridge business and technology is strong, and growing stronger. The W. P. Carey MSIM program is one of the few advanced IT degrees offered by a top-ranked business school, which gives you the opportunity to gain a strong foundation in both business and IT — helping to broaden your skills while advancing your career.

A faculty of seasoned professionals

The W. P. Carey MSIM faculty are highly regarded and acknowledged globally as influential researchers and consultants. Because they’re connected to the realities of the rapidly changing business and technology environments, they bring real-world cases and problems into the classroom.

MSIM alum Alex Logvin credits the W. P. Carey faculty for his success in the program. “The faculty members in the MSIM program are seasoned professionals with years of experience. They encourage thought-provoking discussion, and focus on teaching their diverse expertise in a flexible way.”

Convenience and flexibility

That flexibility makes the skills and case studies MSIM students learn in class applicable on the job. In fact, many students report that they work with emerging technology and theories in class before they even become relevant at work, better preparing them for the challenges ahead. Whether you choose the Evening or Online MSIM program, you'll gain a world-renowned degree with real-world value.

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