ASU sponsors new program to help fill tech roles

W. P. Carey partners with the American Institutes for Research and CompTIA to offer a new apprenticeship program for information technology professionals.

Control tweak: Making the rules could lower online advertising costs

Associate Professor of Information Systems Sang Pil Han has found a work-around that may give advertisers insights for less cost.

Connecting academia and industry

ASU finds that certificate programs co-created by schools and corporations result in job-ready candidates.

How companies use your information to get the most money from you

What can you do to make sure you’re getting a fair price online? An ASU information systems expert offers these three tips.

Dark Web 101: What's there and why the government can't shut it down

Wade through the waters of the dark web and you'll find drugs, hitmen, and all sorts of disturbing imagery. But it's also a haven for privacy advocates.

Revving up auto sales with award-winning status

When autos gain mass appeal in a foreign country, it revs up their popularity in the home market.

The download: Latest IS news

There are four things you should know about what's new in the Department of Information Systems.

Business and engineering students join forces to form Robodevils

While the use of robotics in business has been steadily growing across industries, not many in academia are devoting research time to ways in which robots can improve business.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experience worldwide outage

The Facebook testimony occurred a day after Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all experienced a worldwide shutdown. To learn more about what happened and talk about concerns over how dependent the world seems to be on Facebook, Arizona PBS spoke to an ASU information systems expert.

The download: What's up in the Department of Information Systems

Three things you should know: ASU and Amazon Web Services will be offering for-credit cloud education to 10K high schoolers. Thanks to the demand for the MS-BA, W. P. Carey has launched the program in Los Angeles, with classes starting in August 2022.