10 reasons to choose the W. P. Carey EMBA

There are plenty of reasons to pursue your Executive MBA, and plenty of reasons to choose the W. P. Carey EMBA in particular. But rather than wax on about the ways in which we rule the b‑school world — we’ll let our students do the talking. Here are ten reasons to choose the W. P. Carey Executive MBA, courtesy of our alumni.

10. It’s a top-ranked program that's also flexible and convenient.

"The program name has a large amount of credibility and several rankings nationally," says Joseph Florentino, who commuted to the Valley of the Sun twice a month from Nevada. "I wouldn’t be able to get the same level of education or experience here in Las Vegas."

Joe adds, "Without a position in Phoenix, this program and commute offered me the flexibility to continue my career without interruption."

9. It attracts high-caliber students.

"I was drawn to the Executive MBA program because it provided me an opportunity to attend class every weekend with a group of incredibly smart and talented individuals," says Scott Gates. "The most impactful lessons I have learned over the years have come from brilliant businessmen and women sharing stories of their personal experiences."

Scott adds, "I knew getting my MBA alongside so many successful classmates would be an invaluable experience I would never forget."

8. With diverse experiences and expertise to share.

Bob Maguire has valued the opportunity to work with peers from different backgrounds, a core feature of the W. P. Carey EMBA. "When you’re in a particular industry, the people that you typically associate with have usually taken a similar path or are somewhat similar to you," he explains, "which doesn’t allow for truly diverse thinking."

Bob adds, "I feel that the EMBA program filled gaps that I had, that make me a much better executive decision maker."

7. The opportunity to work in teams.

Teamwork is a hallmark of the W. P. Carey MBA, not only because that’s how things work in the real world, but because class sizes are small enough to facilitate meaningful team-based learning experiences — such as Dr. G's Lego exercise and the EMBA Marshmallow Challenge.

"Our team was made up of a physician, a marketer, a technology manager and a guy who launches rockets for a living," says Chris Kearney. "The challenge helped take us out of those roles and set our mind to a common purpose."

6. And learn in cohorts.

"Deciding to pursue my MBA through the Executive program was very appealing because of the quality of the cohort of students, the scheduling, and lastly the curriculum," says Brian Long, Class of 2016. "The cohort experience cannot be overstated in my mind because of the quality of people making up our cohort. Everyone has a level of career maturity that allows for true relationships to form. There is no sense of educational competition, so we do not have to be concentrated on ‘winning’ or standing out in the class to land a job."

Brian adds, "The EMBA program is driven largely by the cohort because more often than not, someone is already an expert in the content of the course. This is why having a high-quality cohort with varied backgrounds is vital in my opinion."

5. High-touch, high-impact support services.

"They literally had me at hello," says Canden Baker, of her first visit to ASU. "Every staff member I interacted with was friendly, helpful, and focused on building a relationship with me."

Canden adds, "They are invested in your success and try to eliminate any potential distractions or barriers that could impede your learning or student experience."

4. At a b-school where business is personal.

"The experience at W. P. Carey was great as an undergrad, so I had no doubt it would be even better as a graduate student,” says Bianca Antinore. "Having gone to classes in the old buildings I have really enjoyed the new facilities. But the biggest and best difference is the support we receive from the student services staff. They’ve been with us from day one, providing us with what we need — when we need it."

3. And connections are pervasive.

"You can tap into a direct connection’s skills and knowledge, their buddy’s skills and knowledge, and so on," says Kimothy Taylor, W. P. Carey EMBA Class of 2013. "When you need something, one of the 50 folks in your class probably knows a guy."

Kimothy adds, "Combining that with the skills and knowledge of more than 90,000 alums, you’re way ahead of the game."

2. It's an experience you'll treasure.

"I know that I am getting a great education and building a strong network of friends," says alum Ian Wilson. "The professors are amazingly knowledgeable, and put effort into finding ways to make the material applicable to us, instead of just an abstract concept. Further, support from the program is a tremendous relief when the stress of classes, work, and life threaten to overwhelm us."

Ian adds, "The W. P. Carey School of Business is such a great brand that I couldn't ignore the opportunity to attend, and my experience in the EMBA program has made it clear that my decision to attend ASU was correct."

1. And an EMBA with real ROI.

"I heard many prospective students try and justify the costs of the education during visits to each school I visited. My advice would be to just do it," says David Davis. "The W. P. Carey EMBA program will pay itself back in many ways — friendship, future business partners, prospective jobs, or maybe even a new career. The networking itself is worth the price of admission."

There are plenty more reasons where those came from. Find out more about getting your Executive MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

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