W. P. Carey student wins the 2022 Nike INSIDIOUS Hacking Competition

When faced with the challenge of hacking into a bank account, computer information systems junior Alexis DeVries searched the account holder's social media to find clues to the password reset security questions. It worked. That successful trick earned her 600 points and first place.

W. P. Carey honors faculty with John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Awards

The W. P. Carey School of Business announced this year's recipients of the John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Awards to bookend an excellent semester.

W. P. Carey Sports Sales team earns top spot at national competition

Two W. P. Carey students, Kyle Gaspari (Sports Business/Marketing ’22) and Kira Stanley (Sports Business/ Marketing ’22), qualified for the National Collegiate Sports Sales Competition (NCSSC) finals, and finished in first and fifth place, respectively — and W. P. Carey placed No.

2 W. P. Carey students receive Young ATHENA Leaders Award

Two W. P. Carey students have been recognized for their leadership and achievements by the ATHENA Valley of the Sun organization.

Panel remembers history, looks to future of race, diversity, and inclusion in Arizona

“The past informs the present.” While many people might expect to hear that reminder from a history professor or an elder, it is a less common adage in the business world. A W. P. Carey inclusive teaching workshop series is trying to change that.

Second annual Women in Supply Chain Symposium calls for courage amidst crisis

The ASU Supply Chain Executive Consortium (SCEC) hosted the second annual Women in Supply Chain Symposium virtually on Thursday, Sept. 17. This year’s theme focused on “Courage and Resiliency in the Midst of Crisis,” and welcomed more than 200 participants.

Choose your campus adventure

The teaching and learning choices and safe health systems influencing the fall 2020 semester — and beyond.

Students living in Phoenix

300 sunny days await you as a student living in the Phoenix area. Outside of the notorious summers, it's a gorgeous place to live most of the year.

MBA students combine AI and drones, turning project into product

A group of five Professional Flex students created a high-tech tool with the potential to change an industry.

A bigger and better summer camp

Fleischer family donates new $1 million gift to benefit economically disadvantaged high school juniors.