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Online W. P. Carey graduate ready for future in business with new knowledge, connections

Katie Marto was working as a manager in the restaurant industry when she had the opportunity to go back to school. Previously a biology major, Marto now knew she wanted to pursue a business degree. The flexibility of the degree programs and the personability of faculty, students, and staff led her to ASU Online and W. P. Carey.

Kasey McNerney

Katie Marto (BA Business Administration ’23) was working as a manager in the restaurant industry when she had the opportunity to go back to school. Previously a biology major, Marto now knew she wanted to pursue a business degree.

“I wanted a business degree for sure, and after being in management for a long time, I knew I wanted to do something in that route,” Marto says. “I wanted to manage people. I wanted to work in offices where I’m working with groups and have that administrative background.”

Beginnings at W. P. Carey

ASU Online and W. P. Carey graduate Katie Marto in her cap and gown

At the time, Marto had just moved to Modesto, California, with her fiancé and was still working, so she began looking at online schooling options. One thing that stood out about Arizona State University and the W. P. Carey School of Business was the flexibility of the online degree programs in business. “It allowed me to pick and choose what I could take and at what time,” she says. “And as much as there were deadlines, it was a lot easier for me to work around my work schedule.”

As soon as she reached out for more information, Marto experienced the care and personal attention ASU Online and W. P. Carey offer to every student. “They were incredibly helpful and made me confident about starting my path as soon as possible.”

This personability extended to her professors and classmates, who she was able to make genuine connections with, even as an online student in another state. “I really felt like I was included in every class that I took, every group project I was in, every group I was in, every professor that I talked to,” Marto says. “It was very much like I was there physically.”

In the classroom

“I felt like it was a very well-rounded degree,” Marto says about the online business administration program. With classes in management, economics, accounting, and marketing, among others, she was able to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of business areas. She was “floored” in her marketing class learning about the complexities of the topic and felt it gave her a much better understanding of the industry.

Some projects that stood out to her included reaching out to someone in a project manager role on LinkedIn and interviewing her about her career and practicing negotiation scenarios with other students. “Now I feel like I have all the fundamentals down where I can piece together the information I’ve learned and apply it to any industry.”

What’s next

The connections Marto made at W. P. Carey will continue after graduation. “I’ve connected with a few of the faculty on LinkedIn, so I will definitely be staying in touch with those professors, as well as all the Facebook groups that have been incredibly helpful and supportive,” she says. “The career success coaches have been telling me from day one that it doesn’t stop once you graduate, so I’ll definitely be in touch with all of them to stay connected.”

Marto looks back at her experience fondly, being able to combine the flexibility and convenience of an online program with the personal touch of the W. P. Carey School of Business. “The fact that I got to walk across the stage, I never felt like it was a completely different program or that I was specifically online. I felt included in everything they were doing at ASU.”

Marto plans on taking time to find the right fit in her next role, but armed with the knowledge and experience she’s received at W. P. Carey, she feels equipped to take the next step in her career.

“I feel like W. P. Carey has given me a great step forward, and I feel well prepared for my future.”

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