Awesome resources for ASU business students

As my sophomore year comes to an end, it is amazing to look back on how much I have already learned and experienced while studying at ASU and its W. P. Carey School of Business. W. P. Carey is known for being a top business school, but what a lot of people don’t seem to know about are the amazing resources available to you as a business student.

Maddie Hayes

ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business is known for being a top business school, but what a lot of people don’t seem to know about are the amazing resources available to you as a business student. These resources make this an amazing school and community to be a part of, and help prepare every student to become a leader in business.

WPC 101

A class taken by every first-year business student, WPC 101 is the first resource that helped me feel comfortable and more prepared for the future. This class taught me everything from resume writing and elevator pitches to much more basic tools for business students. I took the class alongside a small group of business peers, which made it a very beneficial opportunity to get acquainted with fellow W. P. Carey students.

Business advising and career coaching

Two other W. P. Carey resources that have immensely prepared me for the future are W. P. Carey Career Services and W. P. Carey academic advising. I was told to go to Career Services the summer after my first year, and I AM SO GLAD I WENT! My career coach has taught me a ton of valuable lessons to lead me to the right career path after I graduate. There are many things you can learn from the Career Services team that you cannot learn in classes, so it is highly encouraged that every W. P. Carey student meets with their career coach.

W. P. Carey also offers dedicated advising for every business student. My advisor has helped me determine the best way to distribute classes each semester so I can graduate on time, and keep my stress levels as low as possible.

Business clubs and organizations

Advice W. P. Carey students hear all the time — and for good reason — is to join one or more clubs on campus. W. P. Carey has numerous clubs that can help any student learn and grow, and getting involved is crucial to your success in college and beyond.

Joining clubs has been another great way of building my resume and preparing for my future. I am currently in the American Marketing Association and the Business Communication Students Association — there are a bunch of clubs specific to different business majors at ASU — and my involvement has given me access to leadership experience and lessons that cannot be learned in a classroom.

Tutoring and supplemental instruction

W. P. Carey is truly dedicated to helping you succeed in college and beyond. Two resources that help you excel in class are the tutoring center, and supplemental instruction (SI) sessions. Both have helped me to better understand material from my classes, as well as improve my grades.

The tutors and SI instructors love helping students, so it’s a shame when people don’t take advantage of these resources. The tutoring center is great for when someone is working on their homework and needs help getting one or two questions answered, while the SI sessions are great for if you would like to get another perspective from a student who has already taken and did very well in the same class. SI sessions also tend to have test reviews, which is such a great way to study before an exam.

Those are just a few of the resources that make ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business such an amazing place to learn — find out more about how W. P. Carey supports your success in college and beyond.

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