From humanitarian work to an MBA: How my non-traditional background is helping me succeed

As business schools strive to become more diverse, it’s more important than ever for schools to attract students from non-traditional backgrounds into their MBA programs. That's why W. P. Carey encourages students from a wide variety of backgrounds to pursue an MBA through the Forward Focus initiative, where every student receives a scholarship, and the program itself has seven diverse concentrations and four specializations, allowing students to continue their pre-MBA career path or for non-traditional students to learn a wealth of information in a new subject area.

In an article Dec. 29, 2018, on Business Because:

My ability to work in public-private partnerships wouldn't be possible without the knowledge that an MBA has taught me. I also know that if I return to the nonprofit sector, I hope to do so in a management position. The technical skills learned during my MBA at the W. P. Carey School of Business will be crucial to be an effective leader.

– Rachel Curtis