Two views, one business school

Salary increase. Job promotion. More employment opportunities. Broader professional network. New business skills. There are many reasons to pursue an MBA. Which route to take — on campus or online — depends on your situation. Three alumni share why they chose their particular MBA path and the pros and cons of each in this article published March 28, 2019, on

The biggest benefit to the on-campus experience is the relationships built with other students and staff/faculty. On a professional level, I gained a much broader network, but I also built relationships that extend much deeper.

– Simone Helton (MBA ’18)

The pro of the on-campus MBA is that the degree becomes your job. You are focused on it 100 percent and so are your classmates and teammates. You are able to collaborate with people that are just as invested as you are.

– Rod Mercado (MBA ’01)

Time is money. The online program had maximum flexibility. It allowed me to complete my coursework from anywhere as long as I had Internet. My regular routine was to work from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., come home, have dinner, and put the kids to bed. I would start my homework by 8:30 and be done by 11 on a nightly basis.

– Ryan Aldridge (MBA ’17)

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