W. P. Carey Cupids whose similar class schedules led to love

The first time Mark Bi (BS Marketing ’16) and Ally Le (BS Supply Chain Management ’16) crossed paths was when Ally walked in late to the Honors Introduction to Information Systems (CIS 236) class on their first day of freshman year during fall 2012. To this day, Mark still remembers the moment; and they both especially remember how the student organization Asian/Asian Pacific American Students Coalition (AAPASC) brought them together. Soon after, Mark and Ally realized they shared many of the same classes.

Question: Where are you today?

Answer: We live in Chicago. Mark works in Shopper Marketing at Ferrara Candy Company and Ally works at a tech startup.

Q: What's something special about how you started your relationship at W. P. Carey?

A: We didn't officially start dating until senior year but used our similar schedules as an excuse to spend time together between classes or have study dates. At first, we were hesitant to call them dates — but now we laugh about it; because they were definitely dates.

Q: Any advice for couples who meet here and date during college?

A: Don't take classes with your significant other because they'll just distract you. Also, try not to skip class to spend time with them.

Q: Favorite place to spend time on campus together?

A: We didn’t have one favorite place, but we did have very fond memories of walking together to and from the Packard Drive South Structure by Sun Devil Stadium since that’s where we parked.

Q: What are you looking forward to?

A: We're looking forward to getting married in Arizona in 2021, and traveling the world together. It’s nice not being broke college students anymore.

Q: Do you two ever visit campus together?

A: Yes! We've come back every year since our graduation to celebrate family and friends’ graduations. It's been crazy to see how much campus has changed each year.

Mark Bi (BS Marketing ’16) and Ally Le (BS Supply Chain Management ’16) at Lincoln Park in Chicago for a quick photoshoot snapped by ASU alum @imbrandontran.
By Madeline Sargent



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