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As the 2020-2021 academic year concludes, the W. P. Carey Teaching & Learning program honors faculty for outstanding contributions in higher education.

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When the 2020-2021 academic year concluded, the W. P. Carey Teaching & Learning program honored faculty for outstanding contributions in higher education to “rethink the nature of business, engage the world, and create a better future," and to honor the mission of “educating tomorrow’s business leaders, taking an entrepreneurial approach to learning, and conducting groundbreaking research to create a positive change on a global scale.”

John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Award

Named after the prominent Phoenix business leader and philanthropist, the John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Award has recognized elite instructors and undergraduate teaching assistants within the W. P. Carey academic community since the awards inception in 1999. The Teets family recognizes the transformative impact excellent teachers and mentors make in their students’ lives and in their communities, and are proud to carry on this annual award to honor their father’s memory and promote excellence in teaching. Both nominations and the selection of winners are completed by students.

This year’s undergraduate winner is Kelvin Wong (Economics). Wong explains, “My teaching philosophy revolves around leading through serving and building connections with students.” He believes these practices lead to greater investment from students and ultimately the opportunity to have a greater impact on them. Runner-Up honorees in this category include Altaf Ahmad (Information Systems), and Erin Jordan (Accountancy).

The graduate winner is Greg Dawson (Accountancy). “I am grateful to the Teets family for sponsoring this award and recognizing good teaching, Dawson said. “I am so fortunate to have such great students and colleagues who inspire me every day.” Runner-Up honorees in this category are Daniel McIntosh (Marketing), and Don Goldman (Accountancy).

The winner for Undergraduate Teaching Assistant is Matthew Milington (Economics).

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W. P. Carey Teaching Awards

W. P. Carey is proud to recognize the breadth of teaching excellence and impact across W. P. Carey. The 2020-2021 Dean's List for Teaching Impact includes a larger group of faculty who have been recognized by their faculty peers. Nominated faculty on this list have the opportunity to share summaries of their most effective teaching practices, which are used for new faculty onboarding and development.

The winners for the ‘Entrepreneurial Approach to Learning’ Teaching Innovation Award are Cara McDaniel (Economics), and Eddie Davila (Supply Chain Management).

For the ‘Business is Personal' Inclusive Teaching Award Professor Greg Collins (Supply Chain Management) and John Eaton (Marketing) are this year's honorees.

Marcie LePine (Management and Entrepreneurship) and Audrey Cook and Veena Srinivasan (Accountancy) won the ‘Rethinking Business Education’ Outstanding Online Teaching Award.

Kate Eaton (Marketing), and Kelvin Wong (Economics) won the Huizingh Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award.

Detra Montoya (Marketing) won the Huizingh Outstanding Undergraduate Service to Students Award.

For the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award Mikaella Polyviou (Supply Chain Management), Jonathan Bundy (Management and Entrepreneurship), and Nicolai Kuminoff (Economics) are this year's honorees.

Dan Gruber, associate dean of Teaching & Learning, is proud to honor the many outstanding faculty members at the W. P. Carey School of Business, especially amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic for teaching and learning. “One thing we know is that our faculty have continued to be incredibly resilient and dedicated to student learning as things continue to change,” Gruber says. “We are prepared for the things we can prepare for. We have created a culture of flexibility and collaboration around our teaching mission to navigate the rest.”

Visit our Faculty Awards page for the full list of faculty awards, or learn more about specific faculty using the W. P. Carey Directory .

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