Remembering Jessica Pye, assistant professor in the Department of Information Systems

Jessica Pye, assistant professor in the W. P. Carey School of Business in the Department of Information Systems, passed away on Friday, July 28, after a hard battle fighting a rare disease.

Congratulations to the newest W. P. Carey Faculty Hall of Fame inductees

W. P. Carey celebrates Faculty Hall of Fame inductees from 2020, 2022, and 2023.

Teaching the next generation of leaders

Since being named dean of W. P. Carey in November 2021, Ohad Kadan has crafted a strategic plan with help from school constituents and believes they're in the best place to take advantage of the progressing entrepreneurial environment.

Teaching is personal for new IS professor

The W. P. Carey School of Business is "where business is personal." This school motto resonated with new Professor of Information Systems Hong Guo, as did the school’s values of access, excellence, and innovation. Meet her and learn why she believes teaching is personal in the classroom.

W. P. Carey welcomes two clinical professors to the IS department

Clinical professors bring real-world industry experience to academia and are depended on to keep the department up to date on the most current trends and practices.

New assistant professors bring diverse perspectives to IS department

Four new assistant professors come to W. P. Carey this year from different countries, bringing their unique cultures and backgrounds.

Professor Marcie LePine gives back to pay it forward

Marcie LePine, associate professor of management and entrepreneurship, knows the difference a scholarship can make. Because of her experience, LePine has always looked for opportunities to support students at ASU.

The case for a just-in-case medical supply chain stash

Professor of Supply Chain Management Eugene Schneller, along with other supply chain colleagues, examined the shortfalls of the COVID-19 response and offer a model for building a more efficient medical supply chain reserve in their new research.

New information systems chair, Pei-yu Chen, on balancing work and life

Pei-yu Chen, or Sharon as she’s known by people outside academia, has risen to the top of her field as a renowned researcher and professor and has just been appointed chair of the Department of Information Systems — all while keeping her busy family going.

W. P. Carey welcomes industry veterans to information systems faculty

Instructional faculty, or clinical professors, are relied upon for the department’s teaching mission. IS also depends on these professors and lecturers to bring real-world industry experience to the classrooms.