Why earn a degree in entrepreneurship?

Hello, future students! Whether you are launching a new venture or working on something that already exists, entrepreneurship challenges you to see opportunities, take action, ignite change, and make an impact. Here you'll find just a few reasons the W. P. Carey undergraduate degree in business entrepreneurship could be right for you.

Program overview

The W. P. Carey degree in business entrepreneurship prepares you to innovate within a business or launch one of your own, with a strong foundation in strategic planning and analysis, product development, collaboration, leadership, communication, and team building.

Program differentiators

Startup success

W. P. Carey entrepreneurship graduates are four times more likely to launch ventures than those from other ASU programs.

Corporate careers

Entrepreneurship graduates are also successful innovators in corporate careers. They are significantly more likely to be employed within 90 days after graduation than other comparable degrees, and earn above-average starting salaries. Recent graduates have been hired by companies such as Abeam Consulting, Allstate, Amazon, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Google, Groupon, Honeywell, Intel, and Spotify, among others.

Skills of the future

Recruiters have praised W. P. Carey entrepreneurship graduates for their leadership in skill areas such as exploratory-inquisitive mindset, ability to take calculated risks, mental toughness, thinking outside the box, and fearlessness in leading conversations.

A great fit for many students

Hear about program differentiators directly from W. P. Carey entrepreneurship alumni, students, and faculty.

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