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Understanding artificial intelligence spending by the U.S. federal government

Researchers, including an ASU accountancy professor, explore federal financial transactions and exchanges to understand the government market for AI work, the hardware, software, and services being purchased, as well as legislators who allocate the money, program managers who spend the money, and vendors who receive the money.

In this story published Sept. 22, 2022, on the Brookings Institution website:

The federal market for AI is in its very early stages but already we see how the market is likely going to move in the coming years. While we think that the diversified approach taken by the U.S. is likely to eventually pay off, it is equally likely to cause the U.S. to fall even further behind China over the next several years. Enhancing the power and direction of NAIIO would be an excellent first step to bringing structure to this chaotic marketplace.

Gregory Dawson, Clinical Professor of Accountancy

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