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Master's degree in finance helped alum Gideon Asamoah reach for, achieve dreams

Education can help make dreams into reality. Alumnus Gideon Asamoah realized this during his time in the master's degree in finance program at W. P. Carey. The MS-FIN allowed Asamoah to move closer to his goals, leading to his position as a securitized products analyst. He calls the program a "gateway" to his success.

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Education can help make dreams into reality. Alumnus Gideon Asamoah (MS Finance '22) realized this during his time in the master's degree in finance program at W. P. Carey.

"In one of the hallways of W. P. Carey reads a board, 'It was all a dream,'" he says. "This simple sentence led me to rethink what my dreams are and what I'm willing to achieve. It motivated me every day that my dreams will become reality one day if I stay on the path of discipline and dedication, first to the program and to life as a whole.”

The MS-FIN allowed Asamoah to move closer to his goals and led to his current position as a securitized products analyst at Credit Suisse, now a UBS AG Group Company. He calls the program a "gateway" to his success.

We spoke more with Asamoah about his experiences at W. P. Carey and how it's shaped his professional career and made an impact on him personally.

Why W. P. Carey?

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When deciding where to pursue further education in finance, Asamoah landed on ASU and W. P. Carey because of the high quality of the faculty in the Department of Finance and the MS-FIN program itself.

The program helps students develop expertise within the world of finance, as well as build personable skills that will help them succeed in any career.

"Due to the intensity of the program, I was not only able to learn the technical skills needed in the industry, but also soft skills like resilience, collaboration, and networking," he says, "as well as developing the right attitude towards challenging and ambiguous situations – which I have come to realize sets people apart, even in the corporate world."

Collaboration is a strong theme within MS-FIN, as students within each cohort work together on projects and support each other along the way. "I always say to myself, 'You cannot complete this program alone,' and that is true," Asamoah says.

"No one in the program can successfully complete it without relying on the strengths of other classmates. I realized that classmates' connections really helped me understand some concepts better, be on top of assignments both individual and group, and appreciate the power of teamwork."

Why finance?

Asamoah knew he wanted to pursue a career in finance since he was younger. After earning his bachelor's degree in banking and finance in Ghana, he wanted to continue his education with a master's degree.

He was able to find a position with his current company right after he graduated from W. P. Carey. He now serves as a securitized products analyst, where he manages assets in a complex portfolio.

He draws on a lot of the knowledge he gained from MS-FIN in his current work, including derivatives, risk management, investment strategies, and fixed income.

"I like my role because every day is an opportunity to work on complex problems to produce lasting results," he says. "There is no limit as to the kind of responsibility you can take on. I have a supportive team who are ever ready to ensure you succeed in all situations."

What's next?

MS-FIN alumnus Gideon Asamoah

The finance industry, like many others, is ever-changing in the face of evolving technologies. This is something Asamoah sees in the use of artificial intelligence and similar technology in his field, and he believes it will become an integral part of finance.

"I expect businesses to start leveraging the power of AI and machine learning in their day-to-day functions, especially in the finance space, and it is up to the professionals in the space to make the most of it," he says. "There's a saying, 'If you can't beat them, join them.'"

Asamoah continues to stay involved with W. P. Carey, helping current and prospective students prepare for their future finance careers. He’s a part of ASU alumni groups and speaks with students on LinkedIn who reach out. He also plans to join a mentorship program.

The advice he currently has for students is to take advantage of their time at ASU and in the MS-FIN program and seize every opportunity.

"Dear future student, I would advise you not to limit yourself. The possibilities of what this program can give you are endless."

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