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Catching up with W. P. Carey Cupids, married for over four decades

After meeting through an ASU business fraternity, John and Nancy Rawls are celebrating 42 years of marriage.

Molly Loonam

Sometimes, students leave the W. P. Carey School of Business with more than a top-rated education — they find a life partner, too. We call them W. P. Carey Cupids — couples who met at W. P. Carey and are now making lives together.

The second time John Rawls (BS Accountancy '79) met Nancy Rawls (BS Business Administration '79) at an Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity event, John knew he wanted to marry her. This year, the couple is celebrating 42 years of marriage and looking forward to a retirement filled with family, friends, and travel.

Question: Where are you two today?

Answer: Right after graduation, we moved just south of Denver. We have lived here for 35 of the past 44 years, with a nine-year detour to New Jersey for Nancy's job. We have two adult children, Katherine and Kristopher, and a grandson, Beau. We feel blessed that Kris, our daughter-in-law Allison, and Beau live in Denver. We also own a home in Queen Creek, which we purchased years ago when our parents were still alive; we both have family in the Valley. We try to spend three months each year in Arizona and appreciate the connection we maintain to the Valley.

Our life together has included some "traditional" elements — two kids, we've been married forever, etc. — but also some less traditional aspects: John was the primary caregiver for our children during part of our marriage, and Nancy was the primary breadwinner. We tried to be flexible given our situation, and for us, it worked!

Q: How have you stayed connected to ASU and W. P. Carey?

A: We try to attend ASU football and basketball games when the teams are in Boulder, Colorado. We remember meeting former ASU head coach Frank Kush many years ago at an alum event before a game at Folsom Field. We have yet to form much attachment to local college sports teams in Denver, though we do support the professional teams. We are loyal ASU alums!

John and Nancy RawlsJohn and Nancy Rawls
John and Nancy Rawls in Hong KongNancy, Beau, and dog Dillon
John and Nancy at the Cape of Good Hope

Q: What's your advice for couples meeting at W. P. Carey and dating during college?

A: Try to meet someone with common interests and ambitions. It's easy to spend time with someone when attending the same college and extracurricular groups.

Q: What's your favorite memory you share?

A: The time we spent at Alpha Kappa Psi events. We were both on the leadership team during senior year, which was challenging and fun.

Q: When did you last visit campus, and what did you do?

A: We attended a basketball game the weekend of Jan. 13, and our niece's graduation last May. Both events took place at the Desert Financial Area, which we knew as the University Activities Center.

Q: What are you looking forward to?

A: A happy retirement, including spending time with family, traveling, and volunteering. Nancy retired in 2016 after 37 years in corporate America and volunteers at a local non-profit, and John is mostly retired from his tax practice. John says Nancy is a bit too dedicated to her non-profit “job” for what they pay her (the last time we checked, it was zero!), but it's hard to complain since dedication is one of Nancy's greatest gifts.

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