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Net Investors make an impact at ASU and beyond

At the W. P. Carey School of Business within Arizona State University, we don't just educate future leaders; we prepare Net Investors — individuals determined to leave a mark on the MBA community and beyond.

At the W. P. Carey School of Business within Arizona State University, we don't just educate future leaders; we prepare Net Investors — individuals determined to leave a mark on the MBA community and beyond. Our Full-time MBA program is designed for ambitious professionals eager to enhance their careers while contributing positively to our society and world.

"My cohort boasts some of the greatest people I've ever had the privilege to know, with boundless kindness, generosity, and understanding," says Jamelyn Ebelacker, a recent ASU MBA graduate and recipient of ASU's Martin Luther King Jr. Student Servant-Leadership award. "Not only do staff and students alike champion your efforts and celebrate your victories, each and every one of them will go out of their way to help you succeed."

Jamelyn adds, "Here at W. P. Carey, we lift each other up, we rise together, we look out for one another, and when one of us wins, we all do. The benefits of a community like that are felt far and wide."

Join a legacy of Net Investors

"Being a Net Investor means being humble, acknowledging how many gifts we have been given in life, and developing a habit of sharing the fruits of those gifts," says MBA graduate Miguel Martinez Gaspar. During his time at W. P. Carey, Miguel received a Net Investor award for obtaining software licenses and leading info sessions to give classmates a hands-on lesson in supply chain optimization.

Net Investors actively engage with the MBA community and leave the program better off than they found it. Leading or launching a club, mentoring students, and participating in curriculum focus groups are common ways that MBA students give back to W. P. Carey.

"Being a Net Investor is about adding value to your community," says MBA graduate and Net Investor award recipient Denise Napolitano. "From day one, you are a part of a tight-knit community. You can invest through any action that enhances the student experience; be it academic, professional, or social."

Become a connected leader

Going beyond traditional business disciplines, ASU's Full-time MBA curriculum integrates leadership development and strategic thinking to ensure you're ready to steer organizations through uncertainty. Through real-world internships, engagement with senior executives in the Executive Connections mentorship program, international practicums, and cross-functional team challenges in our Experiential Learning Labs, you'll develop a distinct voice and gain the perspective necessary to create an impact through connection.

Full-time MBA students learn the importance of ethical decision-making and authentic leadership in creating sustainable competitive advantages​ — and are encouraged to make an impact through genuine relationships and care for others during their time at ASU.

W. P. Carey MBA students smiling and talking around a table at an improv workshop during MBA orientation

"I think it's important to care about this program and the people in it," says W. P. Carey MBA graduate and Net Investor award recipient Caitlin Shyshlov. "When you join the Full-time MBA program, you meet amazing new people who become your family."

Whether it's organizing a Thanksgiving meal for classmates or leading sessions to share expertise, our students are constantly finding ways to contribute uniquely to the MBA program and the success of their peers.

"Being a Net Investor means showing interest in and committing energy to your peers' success," says MBA graduate and Net Investor award recipient Jonathon Pena. "One of the things I did that still stands out for my classmates was offer review sessions at least once a week to help people catch up with some of the more difficult classes."

"I believe everyone succeeds when everyone succeeds, so I wanted to ensure that I did what I could to help everyone pass those classes," he adds. "Your peers will appreciate the support, and so will W. P. Carey."

Make your mark at ASU and beyond

The W. P. Carey Full-time MBA is about more than acquiring business knowledge; it's about preparing for a future where you can make a significant impact. With a curriculum designed for where the world is headed, you'll learn to navigate uncertainty and foster a shared sense of values and purpose​.

W. P. Carey MBA students enthusiastically congratulating a smiling man at an improv workshop during MBA orientation

"Everywhere I meet W. P. Carey Sun Devils, there is always a sense of community and connection that we have," says MBA graduate Joann Praise Emmanson. "I'm not just looking at how I can advance or contribute in my workplace, but how I can contribute outside of my workplace and lend a hand to others, which is very beautiful."

Join us at W. P. Carey to not only advance your career but to become a part of something greater. Contact our recruiting team and see how you can contribute to a program that values excellence, integrity, community, and impact.

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