The price is right

Of course prices on everything have gone up since the Territorial Normal School (the precursor to ASU) was founded in 1885. But not everything moves at the same rate — or for the same reasons. Can you guess what the prices were then and now?

The state of sustainable coffee

If you want a hot cup of java, you don't want a hot spot — activity within coffee's lifecycle that is identified as having a substantial environmental or social impact that is supported by significant evidence.

When asking a busy person can backfire

Assistant Professor of Finance Luke Stein and his co-author considered directors on the boards of public companies and asked if there’s a difference between the times when they are likely to do a good job and the times when they're likely to do a bad job.

Higher education aid and its impact on long-term prosperity

Professor of Economics Basit Zafar and his partner in the project are the first to examine the impacts of grant aid on homeownership, neighborhood characteristics, and credit outcomes in early adulthood.

Connecting the dots

Professor of Marketing Ruth Bolton's research shows that businesses must integrate the digital, physical, and social realms to deliver stellar customer service.

Consumer forums affect online sales in a flash

More and more online retailers are incorporating flash sales into their business and marketing strategies, generating customer excitement by offering a great deal at a low price for a limited time until the supply runs out.

Hit reset

Ernest Sears(MBA ’02) shares how to simplify life.

Traveling trio, 20 years in the making

Now almost two decades since graduating with their MBAs, the trio is together again working in a nontraditional supply chain industry for the same company on the same team.

My 2 cents

Here are things to put into practice so student debt doesn’t delay important life decisions.

The customized, environmentally friendly future of fashion

Sherri Barry (MBA ’10) set out to offer emerging designers resources to build their brands and grow them locally and sustainably.