Preparing for tomorrow by becoming resilient today

W. P. Carey's Supply Chain Resilience Initiative is committed to enhancing the adaptability of individuals, organizations, and supply chains.

Department of State and ASU reveal new initiative

W. P. Carey partners with the Department of State to support international supply chain resilience.

Continuous resilience in Arizona health care

Researchers, clinicians, and industry experts gathered to discuss innovative plans and programs to support sustainable resilience in the health care business.

The global supply chain proves stable in the post-pandemic era, according to a leading index

An ASU supply chain expert weighs in on how the logistics industry is stabilizing.

Building an alliance to map global supply networks

An ASU expert investigates how a map of international supply connections could lay the foundation for economic analyses and policies.

Fintech making smaller suppliers more resilient

An ASU supply chain expert discusses how fintech can help small and medium-sized enterprises to better manage finances and business operations.

Scrambled pricing: Why eggs and other foods are so expensive

A supply chain expert explains why food costs have spiked in the past year.

Another wave of supply chain issues

While eggs prices have risen, some food prices are decreasing, says a supply chain expert.

Consumer products are still experiencing 'shrinkflation.' Could it get worse in 2023?

An ASU supply chain expert discusses the logic of companies charging more for less product.

When will 'shrinkflation' end?

An ASU supply chain expert predicts when consumers might see an end to the practice of charging higher prices for less product.