MBA team wins $30,000 for entrepreneurial venture

Roman Stephan and Jeff Watkins are the first MBA team to win the New Venture Challenge for their sustainable beverage product.

Do entrepreneurs need an MBA?

A supply chain expert and entrepreneur discusses the value of an MBA for those wanting to start a company or already running a business.

Essential professional skills: Being able to pivot, persistence, and networking

Jerod Johnson (Business Entrepreneurship ’19), a Realtor at The Brokery in Phoenix, credits the W. P. Carey Business Entrepreneurship program for providing the pieces he needed to change course, stick with industry, and grow his real estate career.

Why 'rage quitting' is all the rage

Walking out of a job in anger can seem extreme — but there are often powerful motivations for doing it.

Alumna gives women functional fashion for fitness and well-being

ASU alumna creates functional active wear that empowers women in their fitness and well-being goals.

33 Buckets: How alumni's passion for helping others became a thriving nonprofit

ASU alumni pour hard work and passion into a thriving nonprofit for sustainable access to clean water.

How one ASU alumni's startup is helping veterans

Michael Focareto III (BS Computer Information Systems '98, MS-ISM '09) founded Vet Tix as a way to say 'thank you' to fellow veterans.

ASU alumna and founder of the Pauline Foundation shares her start-up success

Pauline Nalumasi's (BS Accountancy '18) nonprofit provides skills training and scholarships to exploited women and children in Uganda and supports rural farmers.

Helens Hope Chest: How two ASU alumna built a non-profit to benefit foster children

ASU alumni pour hard work and passion into thriving nonprofit groups.

ASU alumna starts non-profit for entrepreneurs and businesses on the Hopi and Navajo reservations

Jessica Stago (BS Economics '01), a co-founder of Change Labs, works with businesspeople on Native American reservations, who often don't think of themselves as entrepreneurs.