Who gains, who loses, from RFID's growing presence in the marketplace?

In April 2004, Wal-Mart announced a pilot program that would require its top 100 suppliers to be RFID compliant — attaching Radio Frequency Identification tags on cases and pallets destined for Wal-Mart stores and Sam's Club locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area — by January 2005.

Adaptability: Essential ingredient for successful project management

Good projects frequently fail — even when experienced managers are at the helm.

Focus on global sourcing: Strategies for success

Across virtually all industries and geographic regions, manufacturers share one common goal: to increase profitability by decreasing costs.

Journals edited at W. P. Carey bring early access to the newest ideas

That two of the top journals in the supply chain management field are edited at the W. P. Carey School is testament to the research muscle of the faculty, but editors Thomas Choi and Craig Carter are not alone in leadership roles.

Interview: Supply chain management at BP

In his position as head of the procurement supply chain at BP, Dave Connor is responsible for managing a worldwide supply chain that operates in an environment of high risk. Recently, Connor was on campus for graduation, where the latest class of BP managers would receive the W. P.

Supply chain at W. P. Carey: A continuum of thought leadership

The W. P. Carey School’s supply chain management program has been and continues to be a key player in the development of the discipline, starting long before the supply chain concept coalesced from its component parts.

Engaged in the totality of the profession: Conference leadership

The spotlight has been on the W. P. Carey School’s Supply Chain Management department as our faculty served in leadership positions at three major conferences.

Profile: Studying uncertainty in supply chains

Since he began exploring supply chain management three decades ago, Professor Scott Webster has taken a broad view, examining the pricing of fashion products, flexible workday policies, winemaking, and more.

New podcast series: Supply chain management research developments

W. P. Carey Supply Chain Management Professor Craig Carter hopes to bring the latest research to managers through a new podcast series based on articles in the Journal of Supply Chain Management.

Consolidated service centers transform hospital purchasing

Hospitals have long been notorious for their sluggish, antiquated supply chain management. But today, under intense pressure to cut costs while maintaining high-quality care, some are trying a new model — the consolidated service center.